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Message from Patricia Colin, Development Director at ISTP

When Chef Philippe Bressolier approached the International School of the Peninsula at the beginning of 2003 with the idea of introducing Taste Week in our school, my ears opened and my eyes started twinkling. Not only did I know the pedagogical value of this project, but as a marketer and fundraiser for the school, I knew this was a great public relations opportunity.

Of course there is nothing more fulfilling than eating food. For our school, one of the ways to address multi-culturalism is through food, but for the first time we were going to expose the entire school to the essence of why it is a pleasure to eat. Children cannot only learn about a culture through food, but can develop an expanded horizon of culinary appreciation when exposed to different tastes and smells, thus enhancing the reasons why one must eat well.

What if every student in California experienced a day or week of culinary arts, much like the day our students experienced. How would their lives be changed? How would their palettes be changed?

During Taste Week, the students at the International School of the Peninsula were treated to a wonderful meal with courses from 5 different countries. In addition, our teachers did expand the culinary experience into their classroom by including pedagogical projects related to Taste Week.

All in all, the students learned about the culinary art of eating, had a good time and ate well. The parents were happy and the teachers had an opportunity to teach not only differently but something different.

This event touched the hearts, palettes and of course, stomachs of our school. This is an event I can’t wait to experience again.

Patricia Colin, Development Director

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